Boost Your Immune System During the Cold Season


Catching a seasonal cold is almost an inevitable routine for a lot of people. But you shouldn’t be that passive!

Why don’t you combat your flu before it gets installed in your body? If you don’t want to be feeling blue for the next months, just follow these tips and say goodbye to your seasonal cold.

Consume a lot of vitamins – 

A good way to avoid the flue is to eat a lot of Vitamin C, like oranges and blueberries. Still, more recent researchers suggested that vitamin D might be as important as C. We get vitamin D mostly from the sun, so if you can’t get a lot of sun during the winter, just try taking a supplement. It will make you feel better.

vitamin D

Probiotics – 

They are called “good bacteria” and they diminish inflammation in the gut and will help you fight illness. There are a lot of yogurts filled with “good bacteria” and you can also buy some supplements and add it on to your food.


Stay active – 

Winter is also the time of the year when we are tempted to stop working out. But exercise is a very powerful tool for helping you stay healthy and boost your immunity.

Stay active