Spice Up Your Diet With Healthy Meals!


A lot of us want to cut down on calories without removing our favorite meals from our lives. Here are some effective tips that will allow you to make your meals healthier without losing out on taste.

1. Use The Perfect Baking Substitutions

Healthy baking substitutions can be highly beneficial for people who cannot stop themselves from having delicious cakes in the holiday season. Using simple substitutions like 2 egg whites for a whole egg or using applesauce instead of sugar can cut down the calories heavily in your Christmas treats and control the calories.

2.Don’t forget the soups

The holiday soups are generally quite heavy and you can try out healthier alternatives to thick and heavy soups by using ingredients like butternut, coconut or white bean which can allow you to make delicious soups that are delicious and light at the same time.

Dont forget the soup

3. Choose the right alcohol

Yes, you heard that right. The holiday season leads to a lot of alcohol consumption but we all know that there are plenty of calories in alcohol. You don’t need to completely abstain from alcohol if you don’t want to. Not all drinks have the same amount of sugar content so you can stick to cocktails that are low on sugar content.

Also, the lesser the sugar content the lesser the hangover so that’s another added bonus that you need to keep in mind! With the holiday season approaching us you need to make sure that you eat in moderation and do not forget to keep your fitness levels at their peak.