Caitlyn Jenner Being Sued Again

Caitlyn Jenner

The lawsuits seem to be piling up against Caitlyn Jenner.
Now, the third lawsuit in relation to the fatal car crash she was involved in has just been filed.

This time, however, it is not related to the death of Kimberly Howe but, instead,
related to the injuries suffered by the Wolf-Millesi family, traveling in the Hummer.
The Wolf-Millesi family are claiming an undisclosed amount of damages for the injuries that they have suffered, according to TMZ. However, we can expect it to easily reach in excess of a good few million dollars.

The family are claiming that ‘Jenner acted recklessly, driving at an unsafe speed for road conditions’. Caitlyn, as of the time of writing, has not made a comment on the event,
which left one dead and seven others seriously injured in February 2015.

If it can be proven that Caitlyn Jenner, at the time known as Bruce Jenner, was driving dangerously, then it is likely that the amount of damages awarded to the Wolf-

the Wolf-Millesi family would be fairly substantial.
They claim that one of the family members suffered a severe cervical fracture which has left them permanently disabled.
Another is claiming nerve damage, and another blunt force trauma.
Whilst there was a baby in the vehicle, who was not responding at the scene,
there are no long-term injuries and it survived after medical treatment.
All family members are claiming for psychological anguish suffered in the incident.

As I mentioned at the start, this is the third lawsuit brought forward for this incident.
Caitlyn is also dealing with a lawsuit from the family of the person who passed away at the incident, as well as an agent who was traveling in a different vehicle.
At the moment, none of these cases have had their outcome decided.