Celebrities Who Do Not Like Marvel


When reports confirmed that Chris Evans was not going to retire from acting simply because he loves featuring in Marvel movies,
majority of the fans, though; duh! It’s great dressing up in some awesome superhero costumes and kicking butts on screen- at least, that is what we viewers feel like.
But interestingly there are quite a few actors who hate being associated with the Marvel franchise. Don’t believe us, just check this out!

Idris Elba:

When Idris appeared as Heimdall for the first time in the Hollywood feature Thor, he appeared to be a great actor. His fans also urged him to become the next James Bond. However, with great fame comes great irritation. Idris had little interest in continuing the cameo roles offered to him in films such as Avengers Age of Ultron but was obligated contractually. He himself told the Telegraph that it tore his heart out.

Idris Elba – Shutterstock

Natalie Portman:

Another renowned Hollywood star Natalie Portman was not so keen to be associated with the Marvel family. The reason, well it is believed that her hand-picked director Patty Jenkins was fired from the movie Thor: The dark world and out of protest, Miss Portman wanted to quit the series.

Natalie Portman – Shutterstock

Mickey Rourke:

Mickey too felt the sting of this famous studio. Reports state that there were some loopy improvisations in his role of Whiplash in the movie Iron Man 2 which Mickey did not like one bit. He expressed his anger over the online world and churned out comments like mindless comic book films. After so many years, Mickey still has some ill-wills against the studio house. “Come On; Get over it, Mickey!”

Mickey Rourke – Shutterstock