Could it be that the biggest threat to US security might not be the ones that get the most attention?

A new threat assessment from a conservative Heritage Foundation has recently warned that Iran “represents by far the most significant security challenge to the United States, its allies, and its interests in the greater Middle East.”


Although Iran may not have a short-term threat to US domestic security, unlike ISIS and AL Qaeda, it’s potential for developing a nuclear weapon once its deal with the US is over, makes it a significant LONG-TERM threat, which could be way worse.

“They’re very patient and they’re very strategic. For us, 15 years seems like a long time, for them it doesn’t. … They’ll be able to weaponize in 15 years. And then they’ll be the dominant force in the Middle East,” said former US Army Intelligence officer, who opposes the deal.

source: sputniknews.com

Unfortunately, Iran’s nuclear program isn’t all we should be worried about. Cybersecurity threats and sponsoring terrorist groups like Hezbollah, also imposes a huge threat amongst us. Hezbollah is also a huge concern.  The Lebanese Shia militant group receives funds from Iran, and carries out attacks on Iran’s behalf.

More so, Hezbollah terrorist cells could be activated inside the US in the event of a conflict between Iran and the US or Israel.