Who would of thought one little girls biggest fear, would lead her to total victory?

Yusra Mardini, one of the 10 refugee Olympians in Rio, won for the first time in the Rio aquatic centre.

The Syrian-born athlete was well known even before the competition, due to her traumatic escape story from war-torn Syria.

Mardini’s incredible story caught headlines immediately. After the boat that her and 20 other people were using while fleeing Syria, filled up with water. She and her sister were forced to swim for three hours in the Aegean Sea, in the hopes of being rescued.

Mardini stole the show in the venue and won the first heat with the time of 1:09.21, all while her friends on the refugee team sat on the sidelines cheering her on!


The young Olympic athlete came in 41st overall, which unfortunately did not qualify her to compete in the semi-finals. Still, the world showed full support of the athlete, whose story has captured hearts all over the world.

Mardini has a long path ahead of her, she has already signed up to compete in the men’s 100-metre butterfly competition.

Looks like nothing can stop this little swimmer now!