As if there wasn’t enough to be depressed about… global warming, nuclear attacks, and what not. Thanks to NASA now we have another reason to not sleep at night.

NASA has officially declared that now is the time to let everyone know that an asteroid could cause “immense suffering and death.”

Just because this big lump of rock isn’t going to hit Earth anytime soon, doesn’t mean we should be oblivious to what’s coming. “Bennu” as it’s known, crosses Earth’s orbit every six years and is expected to pass between the moon and our planet in 2135.


If this does collide with Earth, it would be the equivalent of someone setting off three billion tonnes of explosives in one go.

Everybody on Earth today is most likely safe from this deathly asteroid. We’re most likely looking at our grandchildren’s grandchildren who will be affected.

Don’t wan’t to freak you out, but NASA is so concerned by Bennu that it is sending a probe to land on the asteroid’s surface. This is all expected to happen in 2018.

Scientists hope the probe will be able to collect rock samples from Bennu before heading back to Earth in 2023.

If this succeeds, it will be the first mission to land on an asteroid and return to earth.

Hopefully, our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will be saved from this deathly asteroid!