Can you physically imagine a prison, that has a maximum capacity of 700 people, but is currently holding 3,700 prisoners instead?

This is the exact case in Quazon City jail, in the capital Manila.

It is appalling to look at, but this is a daily reality for inmates, who a large portion of them, are simply awaiting trial.

In some cases, up to 200 people are shoved into cells made for up to 20 people maximum, and the cruel conditions are evident for all to see. Although inmates are granted with free dental care, gym facilities, and other basics, their conditions remain grimy, which in most cases leads to illness and sickness amongst the inmates.


Dr.Raymund Narag, a man wrongly imprisoned for seven years at Quazon City Jail for murder, recounts his experiences in a book called “Freedom and Death Inside The Jail,” in which he recalls the horrors and the nail marks on the walls.

He also stated in his book: “Inmates are prone to contagious diseases because of the poor living conditions in their cells. They sleep in overcrowded, poorly ventilated cells. The supply of potable water is very limited. Food rations have inadequate nutritional content. Sick and healthy inmates are grouped in the same cells.”

The book recounts other inmates traumatizing experiences, many of whom were innocent.

Every person deserves a right to fair trial and basic human rights. The injustice that is inflicted on these people is something the world cannot overlook any longer.