The teen jihadist who slit the throat of the priest was turned down by the Muslim community in Normandy. They absolutely refused to bury the body of the boy, as they did not want to “taint” Islam by having a connection with him.

Several weeks ago, Adel Kermiche, 19, took six people hostage alongside Abel-Malik Petijean at a church, before killing 86 year old priest Father Jacques Hamel.

Both of the jihadists who carried out the attack were killed by police as they exited the church.


Despite committing this horrific act in the name of Islam, The Muslim community have rejected anya connection with Kermiche, and refused to be involved in his burial.

The president of the Local Muslim cultural association said: “We’re not going to taint Islam with this person. We won’t participate in preparing the body or the burial.”

The Muslim community turned up to the Catholic mass to show their respects for the fallen priest and to show unity and consensus against extremism.