So its official.. to stay young, you gotta keep your cells young as well, and what dictates a cell’s age is it’s DNA.

A group of researchers were looking for the perfect type of exercise that can help keep DNA healthy and young. They found that just moderate-intensity physical activity helps hold back cell aging.

How it works is this: each time a cell divides, it copies its DNA and this section of the chromosomes, called telomeres, gets shorter. In this study, the researchers identified a molecule that is responsible for directing this telomere-shortening. This information is pretty new to most researchers.


Based on this analysis, researchers found that a compound called NRF regulates the production of a factor that in turn controls the shortening of the telomeres. What exercise does is boost the levels of NRF, thereby protects the telomeres from being snipped away.

By keeping constant with moderate exercise in your lifestyle, the protections of the telomeres are refreshed, and that helps the DNA, and can help hold off the aging process.

Although exercising daily can do wonders, it is important to keep a nutritious diet as well to keep your skin looking young and fresh!