Would You Dare To Try Cockroach Milk?

source: www.newyorker.com

It seems as if every week there’s a new fad out there, whether it’s getting stung by bees, or drinking your own urine, people always seem eager to want to try new products that can make them even the slightest more beautiful or young.

Ever try milking a cockroach? Yah, didn’t think so. Looks like while we were busy screaming and running away from these icky creatures, a group of scientists in India have come to the assumption that cockroach milk is four times as nutritious for you than cow’s milk.

source :biologypop.com
source :biologypop.com

According to the scientists, the Pacific beetle cockroach is the only type in its species that gives birth to live young. The female secretes a type of milk that contains protein crystals that when consumed releases energy slowly over a long period of time.

This protein could possibly be used as a sufficient supplement in the future.

Although this sounds delicious, I think we will skip out on this one.