The loss of hair can be a big problem that can cause frustration to the person affected by such an issue. There was a time when hair fall was most commonly found among the men but on today’s date it has been seen that the hair of the women is equally lost.

Most women spend their time taking proper care of their hair. Here are the various causes of hair loss and how they can be prevented.

The most common reason is your gene
While, we all are created by the genetics that have been carried forward by our ancestors, it is very common for us to face the problems that our forefathers had faced once. It has been found that most of the people who have been facing hair loss problems might have been affected by the issue mainly because their gene consists of such a problem. In such a case, you need to take special care of your hair.

Drugs can cause hair loss
Man y of the medicines that we take can have severe side effects including hair loss. The hair tends to get thinner and gradually get lost completely from the scalp.
Any kinds of diseases can lead to hair loss
Diseases of thyroid and anemia can lead to the loss of hair. These diseases have the tendency to damage the cells in the body, especially the hair cells. Thus, the chances are that hair is lost.
How can you fight hair loss?
Believe it or not, fighting hair loss may be simpler than you would think. Here are simple ways to fight hair loss.

1. Put a stop to the consumption of medicines
Make sure that you do not consume the medicines that are resulting in the loss of hair. Consult your doctor for better advice.


2. Think twice before taking pregnancy pills
pregnancy pills if not chosen carefully can damage the immunity system and finally ends up in hair loss.

3. Exercise regularly
Regular workouts can boost the generation of more blood cells in the body, and that would allow the hair to grow stronger.