How well do you sleep? While you may want to take a nap after a tired day out, your method of sleeping can actually determine how fresh you feel when waking up. Here are seven things that you should always do when going to sleep.

1. Set the room temperature into a moderate mode
The experts say that the ideal room temperature must be somewhere between the 60 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the sleeping period. The reason behind this is that the internal parts of the body get into a lower temperature because of the lack of work when we sleep. Many of the people set the air conditioner to a lower temperature just to feel the passion of the winter. But the experts recommend not doing this mistake.
2. Dress comfortably
As we are at complete rest during sleep, it is very important to keep the body easy. Avoid clothes that are extremely tight. You are going to sleep and not on a fashion ramp. Put on loose clothes for a sound sleep. Tighter garments restrict Blood circulation.
3. Moisturize your face
The only period of the day is the night when the skin does not have to face the threats of the environment. Hence, you can use the moisturizer on the face. The researchers have figured out that during this particular part of the day the moisturizers impact on the skin cells to the maximum.
4. Drink a glass of milk
Milk is the agent of sleep, and if you drink a glass of it before going to sleep, the body gets refreshed and all the stress are removed. You can start a whole new day with a fresh mind when you wake up.
5. Switch off the lights
Lights are necessary for boosting the life process, but the fact is just the opposite during the night. You must make sure that all the lights are turned off so that you can sleep well.
6. Turn the phone off
The phone emits certain radiations that do not allow the brain to take a rest. For experiencing a sound sleep. You should keep your phones off at least an hour before you go to sleep.
7. Stop thinking
It seems like all the thought processes are activated while we sleep. But that prevents the chances of getting asleep. So, stop thinking and land on the land of dreams.
These tips can help make your skin healthy, and your health would be boosted.