Ever wondered what would be the best health apps to help you after you become a parent? Life goes for a toss when you become a proud father or mother for the first time. It will be the happiest thing that will ever happen to you – celebrations will follow and you will love your first days of parenting.

Times might change, but your hectic schedule won’t alter after you have kids. You will still have to complain about traffic and plan going to office at the same time. You can’t spend even an extra minute with your newborn baby. You would want to but you can’t. You would still need to be the best parent for your baby and for this you would need to utilize those minutes you can spare with your baby properly. Baby apps would help you in caring for your baby.
Baby Food Diary: This app is useful when your baby has started eating solid food. It is very important at this stage to keep track of what your baby is eating. It kind of helps you manage your time by maintaining a food log.
iBreastFeed: Its very useful to keep a tab on a mother’s breastfeeding activities. You can know more about breast pumping and breast milk storage apart from breastfeeding.
Waterlogged: It is a great app for all mothers. During and post pregnancy, mothers need to drink a lot of water and this app can help you keep a track of how water needs to be consumed in one day.
Baby Connect: This comes with a lot of features to track how your baby is growing up. You can enlist how many diapers you changed, how many diapers were wet. You can also keep a log of your baby’s weight, height and you can also maintain a log of your baby’s temperature. You can search for possible medications and vaccines required for your baby.
Baby Food App: This app will be all that you need to cook for your baby. It has a lot of inbuilt recipes specially designed for your baby. You won’t have to worry about what you need to fetch for your baby’s diet. You can choose between recipes and make your baby happy with a new recipe every day.
Baby’s musical hands: Babies love creating noise and when it’s pleasant, you would love it too. Baby’s musical hands is an easy app designed for your baby. When your baby touches the screen, music plays and your baby can have an entertaining time toggling between different colorful squares on the screen that emit different tunes.

Sleepy Zoo: It’s a tough time making your baby sleep. This app has natural soothing sound effects and a zoo character that looks cute enough to make your baby sleep.
Baby and toddler nutrition: This app helps to make sure that your baby is going through a healthy diet. It has all the nutritional facts you would need to know about any diet your baby is following.
WhiteNoise: This app can be a real savior if your baby is crying. It comes with pleasant sound effects that can stop your baby from wailing and can make him/her eat when he/she doesn’t want to.
These apps can be your best friend during your parenting days. Search for more. There are plenty of them in the apps market.