If you teach your child to cook, they are going to be cooking for the rest of their life. It is an incredibly valuable life skill. Too many children are not being taught to cook nowadays, and that is contributing to an obesity epidemic, and well, just general laziness. On this page, I am going to share a couple of tips for when it comes to dealing with children.

Let your child choose what they want to cook! Honestly, this is perhaps one of the best tips I can give you! If your child likes what you are cooking, they are going to get involved. Pizzas and cookies are always a good thing to teach, so try and steer them in that direction. They will love eating them after, of course!

Do not ’dumb down’ the cooking process. Use proper words and give the definition. It is all well and good to say ’fry’, but your children will discover the word saute in a book a little later down the line and have zero idea what it means! An early age is a good age to teach them this stuff too. They will really absorb it all.
Take about nutrients and other things related to food with your children. Tell them the importance of eating healthily. Tell them of the importance of different food cultures, and even teach them about particular family recipes that you hold dear. After all, your children are going to be the one to pass these recipes on to their own children!

Finally, let them actually use dangerous equipment, but make sure you supervise them at all times. They can use knives. They need to learn how to use knives. However, make sure they know what they are doing. Do not get stressed with them in the kitchen either, this will ruin their love for cooking.