Not everyone loves going to a gym. It may be because you don’t like working out in the midst of other people, or you just don’t enjoy the whole process, but you don’t need to despair. Here are three alternatives that will get you in shape:

Swimming is an activity that is both enjoyable and beneficial. Not only will you learn a life-saving skill, you will make yourself fitter by doing so. You don’t need to furiously swim for hours on an end – half-hour swims a few times a week builds a good routine. And of course, there’s the biggest benefit that you will get on your side – a gorgeous tan!


While you might have hated running on the treadmill while two other people waited for you to finish, running at dusk or dawn with nature around you is a different deal altogether. Choose a park or a jogging track, get your jogging shoes and iPod, and hit the pavement. Not only will you get fit, you will also feel happy afterwards due to the release of endorphins.


Hula Hoop
This is a slightly unconventional way to lose weight. But if you learn to do the hula (so to say), not only do you get in shape, but you also end up learning a neat party trick. Think of what a killer waist you can get by just hoping thirty minutes a few times a week. The equipment too is inexpensive. You could join a class to learn it, or just YouTube the lessons till you get a hang of it.


Which method do you prefer to use? While jogging is what most of us do, you could try out newer and more fun ways to lose weight. Remember, you do more of what you like to do!