How many of us take care of the skin area around our eye? Yes, we are talking about the area that gets darkened when you do not sleep for a day. The under eye area is the first to tell just how tired you are. The under eye skin area also helps to keep your eyes healthy.

While we would apply sunscreen creams on our hands, we forget to focus on the area around the eye. The skin around our eyes is sensitive and negligence can lead to the formation of the wrinkles and aging signs in the particular area of the face.
Importance of the under-eye area
It is very common to have dark circles appear under the eyes. The area under the eyes consists of the sensory organs that allow us to see. Any pressure on the eyes can lead to eye damage. The skin area around the eye consists of the pads that keep the eyeballs supported.
In a case of any injury to the particular area, the eyeballs are protected from serious damage. The skin here does not have strong muscles within and that prevents it more moving. As a result, the lower eyelids stay at complete rest as compared to the lids on the upper eye area.
Taking care of the area
To take efficient care of the under eye area, you must not use chemical products that have the chances of causing allergies. Use caution when using any new skin care product and see if there are any side effects.
Apply cream on the sensitive skin
The harmful solar rays have a lot to do with the skin below the eye. They can damage the quality of the skin. Applying sunscreen in the face and your hands wouldn’t work. Remember to apply sunscreen around the eyes – it’s important because it needs more care than you’d think.