You have a small room and you don’t know how to decorate it? Are you always moving furniture around but you are never happy with the result? Here are some precious tips that will make your space look a lot bigger with almost no effort.
1 – Transparent furniture – A good way to make furniture seem invisible is goings for crystal or acrylic tables and chairs. They are transparent and they won’t (apparently) take a lot of room.

2- Go white – White decoration helps to make a room look bigger. It is also very trendy. Furniture, walls, and accessories… just keep it all white. You will end up having a gorgeous space!

3 – Big mirror – Did you try to place a mirror on the opposite side of a big window? It will bounce light around the room and it will make the room feel a lot bigger.

4- Bring a plant – If you put a plant in a small room it will make it feel lighter and fresher. Don’t you have a room for it? Try to hang one. It will give it a new life.