A german supermarket chain has released what has been called as the “saddest Christmas TV ad ever”. Edeka wanted to do a controversial spot that also brought attention to on of germans biggest problems: its old population.
This is a story about an old man who is especially sad to spend Christmas alone since their family is too busy to visit him.


Desperately, he decides to take action with his own hands and fake his death.
But when all his family arrives home… Surprise! Not only he is alive but he welcomes them home with this question: “How else could I have brought you all together?”.
The spot has gone viral in just a few minutes and generated almost 20 million views in only two days.
The Edeka ad, created by the German agency Jung von Matt, has received a mixed response in social media. On one side there are the ones who find it too dark and too manipulative. On the other side, those who welcome the spotlight on the loneliness subject. What do you think about the ad?