Ah, being a parent is great, right? Of course it is! You get to hold that cute little baby, and you get to raise a little person to be a, hopefully, respectable human being. However, there are a few things which nobody really likes to talk about when it comes to being a parent. We are going to cover a few of those things on this page:
Your baby is not going to sit around and wait for you to learn how to be a parent. You are going to have to jump in, right at the deep end. It is a neverending battle too. One day, you are be dealing with a bad case of ’crying’ (plenty of sleepless nights), the next, you are going to be dealing with the tantrums of a toddler and, a few years down the line, the difficulty of dealing with a teenager.It never stops! There is always something new to learn. Thankfully, the second time around is a bit easier!


You are going to be kissing goodbye to your privacy when you have a child. They are going to be walking into your room at all hours (yep, even when you are doing ’that’). They are going to watch you in the bath, they are going to watch you on the toilet. They are even going to blurt your secrets out to people at the most inopportune of moments.
Your child is going to be insulting, a lot. They are going to tell you they don’t like your cooking. They are going to tell you that you are fat, and they are going to tell you that they don’t love you! Trust me, though, deep down, they really do! Treat your children well, and don’t listen to everything they say, and you will have a great experience!