Parenting isn’t easy. You have to ensure that your toddler learns the life basics right. And for that, you have to be aware of what may frighten your child. Here are some basic hacks to help your child live a happier life.
Scare away the monsters
Is your kid scared of monsters under his bed at night? If this keeps happening, this can prevent both you and the kid from getting a restful sleep. What you can do is take any spray bottle and add water to it. Put it beside your child’s bed and tell them this is the monster spray. Spray it before bedtime, and ask them to spray it whenever they think there is a monster around.


Toilet training
Toilet training little boys can be quite a difficult task. When you are teaching them to aim into the bowl and not over the toilet seat, put a ping pong ball inside your toilet. This will help them aim at a specific thing. After you flush the ball will pop right back up. Just remember to let your guests know that there is a bright little ball inside the toilet bowl.


Nappy rash
If your baby has a bad stomach and has developed a rash even if you change their nappy multiple times a day, the rash can be uncomfortable and can sting the baby. In such a situation, put some bicarbonate of soda in the bath before you bathe the baby. This will take the sting out of the rash.


Sticker residue
Your little one might have discovered superheroes recently and may have put up little stickers of them all over the walls and furniture. Now the problem is, when you remove them, they leave sticker residues that look unsightly. The trick to removing this is to take a finger full of peanut butter and rub it on the area. Leave it for ten minutes, wipe off and the residue will have gone.